Go the Bio-Way

To monitor our actions on water today to prevent the future from being arid

Water Analysis

Provides more qualitative data as compared to the traditional water analysis

Inclusive Results

Gives an understanding of combined effects of multiple contaminants in water

Impact Analysis

Facilitates determination of the impact on aquatic habitat and its effects on human health

Why Us?

To protect the environment we developed creative AI-based solution to complex climate and industry problems

Patented Technology

Provisional Patent filed in India.

Biological Parameters

We determine biological parameters of water in a matter of few minutes

AI research Data of 10 Years

Our AI model is trained on research database of biological indicators of 10+ years

How it Works

You are 3 steps away from knowing the quality of water


Upload microscopic images of Water


Our AI model trained on biological indicator database analyzes images


Get water quality report in less than 10 mins

Application of our AI model

Wastewater Treatment

Observing the Diatoms that utilize pollutants and heavy metals facilitating the wastewater treatment

Forensics-Drowning cases

Diatoms detected in the kidney, lungs, and liver of the drowned body are used to investigate the time and location of death

Aquaculture Monitoring

Analyzing the quality of water by detecting diatom genus to reduce fish stress, diseases, and mortality

Diatom Bloom Monitoring

Monitoring Diatoms for early diatom bloom detection prevents the release of harmful toxins, affecting the rate of development in multiple organisms

Water Pollution

Calculating the diatomic indices with the help of detected diatom genera indicates the water quality and degree of pollution

We are on a mission

To protect the environment and develop creative AI-based solutions to complex climate and industry problems

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